Padangbai Harbour (Bali)

Padang Bai (also Padangbai and Padang Bay)
Is a small port town in East Bali.
Most visitors to Padang Bai are there to catch a boat to Lombok. It is though a charming little place in its own right and many people cancel their trip in order to spend more time in this lovely village. Spending a night or two here will certainly not be time wasted.

ATM in Padangbai
There are four ATM:s in Padang Bai: Three between the Perama office and the police station on the main road coming into town. The BRI bank has an ATM next to its branch office, which does not accept VISA cards and gives a maximum of 500,000 IDR. The other two ATMs on this road are BNI (24hr with maximum of 2,000,000 IDR) and Mandiri (500,000 IDR max.) Both accept VISA cards. There is another Bank Mandiri ATM on the beach road between the ferry and the fast boat jetty (accepts VISA cards and gives a maximum of Rp 2,500,000).

Food in Padangbai
There are several restaurants and local warung (food counters) inside and around Padangbai harbor. You can easily get some food or drinks.

Sleep in Padangbai
If you decide to overnight around Padangbai harbor areas, there are numerous selections of accommodation near the harbor, ranged from cheap backpacker style to splurge.