Teluk Kodek Harbour (Lombok)

Teluk Kodek Harbor (Lombok)
Teluk Kodek and Teluk Nara are small ports in West Lombok region. They are located about 30 minutes driving from Senggigi (main tourist area in Lombok), and about 10 minutes from Bangsal harbor (small port in North Lombok to catch hopping boat from Lombok mainland to three Gilis).
Most visitors to Teluk Kodek / Teluk Nara are there to catch a fast boat to Bali, or to catch a charter boat to three Gilis.

ATM in Teluk Kodek
There is no ATM within Teluk Kodek area. If a visitor needs some cash, he should get it from ATM in Senggigi area before heading to the port, or in Bali before going to Lombok.

Sleep in Teluk Kodek
No sufficient accommodation for overnight in Teluk Kodek. The visitors would have a good accommodation on Senggigi, or around Sire beach area (Senggigi is preferred for it’s cost and quality).