Arriving in Bali

  • Our staff will inform you once the boat is approaching Padangbai harbor in Bali. You may get ready and preparing for arriving.
  • After the boat moored on the jetty, you can step outside to the jetty. Watch your steps carefully and hold the grip tight. Check your belonging before leaving the boat.
  • Porters will unload the baggage. Pick your baggage and make sure nothing is left.
  • After all passengers get their baggage and are ready to leave the harbor, our staff will guide the passengers who want to use free drop off service to the car area.
  • Please follow our staff instruction for drop off service. Each car has it’s own itinerary. You may ask to the staff which car is suitable for your destination.
  • Please check all your belonging and baggage before leaving the shuttle car.
  • Have a nice day.